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In addition to the usual architectural design services, my practice offers a specialized service in architectural counseling. This service is offered to the entire community, from individual home-owner to corporate CEO, for anyone looking for a general advisor, advocate or coach.
Ever wanted an opinion (or second opinion) on some aspect of rezoning, planning, evaluations, design, construction or dispute resolution?
• Experienced insight from an independent and expert perspective may provide options, critique or a diagnosis you wish you had. The earlier, the better.
Do you have a question but don’t know who to ask, how to express it, or are too embarrassed to ask?
• You may want to proceed with the confidence that your goals are set to match your opportunities and entitlements and are based on your own due diligence.
Have you ever wanted to brainstorm an idea or test some options without a major contract for services?
• Alternative and fresh perspectives may yield opportunities not immediately apparent but discovered through investigating outside-the-box possibilities.
Do you have a contrarian position needing support?
• It is not generally easy to be on the defensive, and when there is a lot at stake, a little guidance can often make a significant difference to the outcome.
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